The cases of rising corona virus in the country are doing the work of dissolving the color of Holi. The second wave of corona infection is getting stronger, in such a situation that the color of Holi will fade like this year. Against the growing cases of Corona, once again the new guidelines have been issued from the Central Government to the State Governments and appealed to the people to take precaution. In view of festivals like Holi and Eid, the Central Government has asked all the states to follow the Corona Protocol. Along with this, the states have also released guidelines from their level and have told how the festivals will be celebrated this time in the shadow of Corona.

The central government has asked states to keep the crowd under control during festivals and follow rules such as masks and social distancing. The Center said that in view of the upcoming festivals Holi, Shab-e-Baaraat, crop related festivals, Easter, Eid ul Fitr, etc., the administration of the States and Union Territories should control the crowd and follow corona rules such as wearing masks And social distancing should be taken care of. 

Yogi government issued guidelines in UP
Has issued a guideline to celebrate the festival of Holi in the state. The order issued by Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari states that there will be no Holi Milan ceremony anywhere without permission. Public programs will not be held at any place without the permission of the administration. It will be mandatory for people to use masks and sanitizers. If the crowd gathers in public places, then it will be the responsibility of the police. The Yogi government has ordered to activate the Kovid help desk again in the state. In addition, all council and private schools from classes one to eight will have a holiday of Holi from March 24 to 31. In other educational institutions where examinations are not being held, there will be a holiday from 25 to 31 March. He said that all measures to prevent infection should be ensured by strengthening the system of prevention and treatment from corona.

How to celebrate Holi in Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand government has also issued a fresh guideline in view of the festival of Holi. The Chief Secretary said that in the wake of the rise in infection and the upcoming festival of Holi, strict adherence to the guidelines of rescue from Kovid-19 is necessary so that the epidemic can be kept under control. He directed the public to disseminate the guidelines related to Kovid-19. The government issued an order that only 50 per cent of the people would be allowed to stay in Holika Dahan. Children and those above 60 years of age will not be allowed to join. 

Holi celebrations will be completely banned in Uttarakhand’s Containment Zones. In these areas, people can play Holi in their homes. Food items will not be distributed among each other on Holi day.

Celebration banned in Jharkhand too
The government has banned the celebrations of Holi, Sarhul, Shab-e-Baaraat, Navratri Ramnavmi, Easter etc. in public in Jharkhand also due to the increasing infection of Corona. Now people will be able to celebrate this festival among the family at their home. The government has clarified that a procession will not be held on Ramnavami and Sirhul. The procession is already banned. Action will also be taken by the district administration against those who violate the order of the government. This type of ban has been imposed in many other states of the country as well. It is clear from the government’s order that the club, banquet hall, In pandals etc., the above festivals will not be organized in public and neither can any crowd be organized on these festivals. People will only be able to celebrate the festival among the family at their home. Further the concession available outside the Containment Zone will continue with the conditions. Must comply with Central Government and State Government guidelines issued with exemption. The order of Home Prison and Disaster Management Department has been issued on behalf of Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh. This order is issued after the decision in the meeting of the State Executive Committee.

Even in Delhi, the colors of
Holi will not be able to hold public programs on festivals including Holi in Delhi. That is, it is not allowed to gather and play Holi. People have been asked to play Holi in their homes. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority has decided to take strict action against the crowd mongers. Holi festival will be prohibited in any public places. Chief Secretary Vijay Dev said in his order to the officials, “All the concerned officials will ensure that crowds do not gather during the upcoming festival of Holi, Shab e Baaraat, Navratri etc. and the festivals are not celebrated in public in the national capital Delhi.”

Holi not in public places even in Bihar

This time in Bihar too, the color of Holi will not look the same. Public celebrations have been banned in Bihar for Holi. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has appealed not to hold public events during Holi, as Kovid cases are also increasing here. He said, we will urge all people to be alert and alert. Matters have started increasing in many other countries and in many of our states. Like other states, Bihar’s condition is not as bad, yet we have to remain alert. 
Restrictions also in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat

Apart from this, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat government have issued guidelines for the festival as the pace of infection has not reduced. Under this, there will be a ban on playing Holi in the crowd. The government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to impose lockdown on every Sunday. Since Holika Dahan is on Sunday itself, there will be a lockdown anyway. 

No public event on Holi in Chandigarh

In the Union Territory of Chandigarh, public functions will not be held on Holi. According to the administration, clubs, hotels, restaurants will not be allowed to do any kind of programs for Holi. Chandigarh has also been one of the cities where more cases of corona have been reported. 


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