Sameer Sharma's demise the onscreen wife was shocked

Wife And Husband: The Wife Escaped From The House Not Once But Three Times, What Did The Husband Do In The End: We know that after the marriage, the bride’s daughter is taken to her in-laws’ house in a doll or in a special vehicle. But, beat his wife to death with a stick.

We know that after the marriage, the bride’s daughter is taken to her in-laws’ house in a doll or in a special vehicle. But have you ever seen a wife beaten to death with a stick and sent to prison? A similar incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. In a village in Jharkhand, the village headman indiscriminately beat a woman with a stick and sent her to Kapur. A video related to this has gone viral on social media and the incident has become a hot topic of discussion. The details of this incident are as follows.

Shanti Kumari, daughter of Kripa Singh of Paniyakho panchayat in Ketar block of Garhwa district, got married to Manoj Singh of Majigawan in Sonbhadra district of UP a year ago. However, Shanti escaped from her husband’s house a few days after the marriage. She left the stairs and ran away to her birthplace. Alleging that her in-laws were torturing her for dowry, she stayed at the Puttin house.

However, husband Manoj Singh came to his in-law’s house to take his wife Shanti to Kapura. As he was coming, he brought with him the head of the village panchayat, Ishtiaq Ansari. Before going to his wife’s house, he contacted Munnidevi, the headman of her village. A panchayat was held in the presence of elders. Manoj Singh asked him to send his wife with him. Otherwise.. spent on marriage Rs. He demanded to return 1.5 lakhs. The Panchayat also passed a resolution on the same.

Their wife tried to run away.

Panchayat elders questioned the woman’s father, Krupa Singh, as to which of the two decisions they would take. Her parents agreed to send Shanti with her husband Manoj. A resolution was also passed on the same subject in the presence of family members and village elders. However, Shanti, who agreed to go with her husband in the presence of elders, attacked her husband Manoj on the way and ran away.

Vainam was hit with a stick.

Manoj immediately reached Shanti village and informed her family members and village panchayat elders. With their help, Shanti was found and caught. When the panchayat was set up again, Shanti refused to go to her in-laws’ house. Munni Devi, the head of the Panchayat, got angry and beat Shanti Kumari with a stick. Forcefully sent to in-laws’ house. Some took a video of them beating Shanti. The video went viral after it was posted on social media.

Parar again.

Shanti Kumari did the same thing again even though she was forced to send it to her in-law’s house. He went as he went to his in-law’s house.. it was an escape once again. Their husband, in-laws, and her parents are searching widely for the absconding wife. However, the video of beating Shanti has now become a topic of discussion. When this came to the attention of the authorities, the action was taken. Sumoto was registered and investigated by the police officers who seriously considered assaulting her, apart from marrying her against her will.


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