During the second impeachment proceedings against former US President Donald Trump, prosecutors referred to the 18th century House of Lords trial against India’s first Governor-General Warren Hastings. The trial was run after the term of Hastings. Let me tell you that the senators voted against Donald Trump on Wednesday for a grand election.

In fact, Trump had argued that the impeachment proceedings against him after his removal from the presidency were unconstitutional. In response, impeachment managers cited Hastings. Chief impeachment manager Jamie Ruskin said, ‘Our case is based on strong arguments. The first argument relates to the British rule in India. Anyone aware of the history will know that the former officers were also held accountable in the misuse of the post. The House of Lords prosecuted the Governor-General of the British colony, Warren Hastings. ‘

The US Senate confirmed the constitutional validity of impeachment proceedings against Trump by 56 votes against 44, before which both sides — managers of the impeachment proceedings of the House and lawyers representing Trump — were presented. With this, the historic impeachment proceedings against the 45th President of America (Trump) paved the way. From Wednesday, the two sides will have 16 hours to present their case before the 100-member Senate, after which the impeachment will be voted against Trump.

Trump (74) is accused of inciting the Capitol Hill violence on January 6 and endangering democracy in the country. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the incident. The Senate has 50–50 Republican and Democrat members. For impeachment on Trump, the Senate will need 67 votes in favor of the impeachment motion of the House.

Hastings was the first Governor General of colonial Bengal from 1772 to 1774. From 1774 to 1785 he served as the first Governor General of India. On his return to Britain, impeachment proceedings were initiated against him for his involvement in alleged mismanagement, abuse and corruption cases in India. According to various reports, a hearing on the impeachment motion against Hasting began in 1788. However, in 1795 he was acquitted of all charges.


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