Actor Mukesh Khanna, who is the popular face of Bollywood and TV world, remains in the discussion about his statements. Recently, he stayed in controversy because of his statement about not going to the Kapil Sharma show. Earlier, he was trolled on social media due to his statements about Sonakshi Sinha. Mukesh Khanna has been asked this question for a long time, why he never married in his life. Many people say about this that they follow the character of their Bhishma Pitamah played in the Mahabharata in their personal lives. Because of this, he never married. However, the actor himself has revealed the secret from this secret in a recent interview.

While answering this question during an interview, Mukesh Khanna said – There was a time when this question was a favorite question of a journalist. I want to tell you clearly that I am not against marriage. People keep saying that I played the role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharata, because of this I also take it out in my personal life. So I did not get married. I want to tell you that I am not so great as to become Bhishma Pitamah. Nor have I pledged never to marry like Bhishma Pitamah. Even I want to say that no one will see marriage as much as I respect it. I am not against marriage. I believe that weddings are written in luck. This does not happen with affairs.

Marriage is my personal matter

Mukesh further said – marriage is the union of two souls. Couples come from heaven. Two families meet in marriage. They have jeans. According to me no one knows the truth. Marriage is the union of the two souls who live together 24 hours a day. Both live together, helping each other. If I were to be married, it would have happened by now. Now no girl will be born to me whom I marry. Marriage is my personal matter. I have no wife. Please end this debate here.

Let me tell you that Mukesh Khanna recently said that he does not like The Kapil Sharma Show at all, and that is why he did not reach there even after getting an invite to the show. There was a lot of ruckus on it. He also had an argument with Gajendra Chauhan. Mukesh Khanna’s statement on social media also got mixed views.



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