In eastern Ladakh, there seems to be a total solution to the months-long border dispute between India and China. The two countries have reached agreements on disengagement on the northern and southern banks of Pangong So Lake, which is now being landed. In the midst of a dispute with China, Pakistan has started bombing its border near the Rajasthan border. The Pakistani Army is conducting a month-long maneuver at the Thar Desert in Sindh province to prepare for the conflict. This information was released by the army itself.

In a statement issued last night, the army said that the exercise named ‘Jidar-ul-Hadid’, which began on February 28, will end on February 28. “The purpose of this four-week exercise is to recognize the concept of practice in the deserts,” the statement said. Karachi Corps troops are participating in the exercise. The Army has a Desert War School at Chor, 165 km from Hyderabad, Sindh. This school was established in the year 1987 to promote war training.

The Thar Desert is spread over 200,000 square kilometers, forming an active border between India and Pakistan. On Friday, a week-long multinational naval exercise in the Arabian Sea began hosting Pakistan. According to media reports, about 45 countries including the US, Russia, China and Turkey are participating in this exercise called Aman-2021, which started on 11 February. This exercise will run till 16 February.

Let us know that recently China too had conducted a military exercise in collaboration with the Pakistani Army. For this, he sent fighter jets and soldiers to the Pakistani airbase near the Gujarat border. China had announced that the exercise of the Air Force was aimed at improving the ‘actual combat training’ of the two armies. The statement further said that it would promote the development of military-to-military relations of China-Pakistan, deepen practical cooperation between the two air forces and improve the actual-war training level of both sides.


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