Why Is Rajesh Like This?: It would be interesting to think why Rajesh became so angry and stubborn. The character’s interactions and behaviors very subtly and precisely indicate what his personality is and why he is the way he is. Basil Joseph played the role to perfection.

His mother says about his father that he was angrier than this. Therefore, he did not grow up to see a good marriage or family life. Rajesh’s nature, who does not respect the wishes of the people in the house beyond his own wishes and joys, imposes authority, and if it does not happen, suppresses it with anger, beatings and noises, is the type of Rajesh that he learned from his father. If she is a mother, she thinks that married life is all there is without complaining about it, and the woman who has gone through stoke home syndrome.

You can read Rajesh’s face when he comes to see the girl. His mother and sister are the two people who are at his expense, and you can see the look of authority, contempt, and total contempt on his face. Inside that car, there is not a relaxed atmosphere like this when going to a function.

The nervousness of his displeasure on this journey is evident in the faces and body language of his mother and sister.
Even when he talks to the girl, he only talks about the price of the chicken and his ability to trade. His satisfaction is in making more money, which is good for him, even if it harms others. Beyond that, he will not have any happy news to tell the girl he is going to tie the knot with.
The very name of the house ‘Raj Bhavan’ is indicative of his dominance.


Rajesh is a self-confident person who started his own business at a young age and became successful. Don’t get too close to anyone. He may think that lack of empathy is the secret of his success. That’s why he doesn’t feel like he can help another businessman who’s in trouble. In that situation, Rajesh’s shrewd mind is wondering if his car will be stolen.

The broken glass of the teapot where the chandelier was placed on the wedding day, and broken and broken household items are pictures that reveal his anger. The attitude of not wanting a change of taste from the habit of plain bread and peas, and insisting that the habits should remain as before, can be seen as an indication of his personality and the patterns he has become accustomed to.


Beating his wife—that too while covering his face—is uncontrollable and sudden. As a reflex action, he unconsciously strikes when he wakes up to feel a scratch on his inflated power ego. Saying sorry can be out of guilt. His point of view is that after watching the movie from outside, you will forget all that while eating. Even there her will is irrelevant.

He does not even consider the human needs of others, not just those in the house. That’s why he calls the workers to get ready to take the chicken in the middle of the night because of his lack of sleep.


The funny thing is that he doesn’t show any of this bravery outside of his income. Even though the mobile phone repairman made his video viral and was humiliated, he didn’t even go there and ask.

It’s clear from the courtroom scenes that not only does he not understand what’s wrong with him until the end, but he’s convinced that his assumptions are correct.

But when Jaya gets into a fight, he breaks down. He also realizes that he can’t live without you. But his environment has no way to reach the light. His friends are gone and there is no close person in his life except his grandfather’s son. Although Rajesh is influenced by his politics and stance, Rajesh is not impressed by him.


It is a fact that there are Rajeshs in our society or in ourselves who enjoy the arrogance of power like intoxication. It is constantly applied to the mother, daughter, and wife who are at their expense within the home.

Fearing that intimacy will be lost through a smile or a kiss, they reign as princes of their imaginary world, refusing to approach anyone with stern faces and stern looks. Let there be recognition at least through such films.

‘Jayajayajaya jayahe’ to unleash freedom in childhood school memories
It is also the announcement before the bell.


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