Why is Increase In Heart Attack Cases? Here’s What Cardiologists Say: A young man died tragically in Uttar Pradesh yesterday. He sneezed twice while walking on the street and fell to the ground. The family said that he had chest pain once in the morning. The day before that, a person died after bowing to the deity in a temple in Rajasthan. Besides, several people have died while dancing in the last few months. All in all, the number of deaths due to sudden heart disease (Heart Attack) is increasing rapidly. The so-called ‘health conscious’ are also not left out. Celebrities like Raju Srivastava suffered heart attacks while hitting the gym. Later they died. The question arises, as to why ‘stroke’ and ‘heart attack’ suddenly became an ‘epidemic’. How to save?

According to experts, one of the reasons is that most people are unaware of health. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are neglecting their body. Without thinking about the good and bad of the heart, he used to indulge in unnecessary habits. Eat extra spicy food, party late into the night, and get drunk. Fast food increases body weight. Cholesterol imbalance. As a result, the possibility of multiple diseases including heart disease is increasing.

According to a section of the general public, the Covid vaccine is responsible for the increasing number of ‘silent heart attacks. According to them, the vaccine has been developed in a short time. Now the whole country is suffering from its side effects. Although according to the experts, Covid has not completely conquered most of the people of the country, it has caused great damage inside. Most of doctors are not blaming the covid vaccine but covid for the increased heart attacks.

Expert doctors are claiming that the ‘poison’ that Covid has injected into the body, we may have to suffer the consequences after one or one and a half years, even two years. Could the covid vaccine somehow be responsible for heart attacks? According to doctors, it is not proven. However, vaccines can have side effects. Those who are suffering from heart disease have taken one or two doses of the vaccine. Many have also taken booster doses. But it is needless to say that the covid 19 virus has caused great damage to us.

Ultimately, doctors agree, unhealthy lifestyles increase the risk of heart disease. Lack of physical activity, and poor diet, result in obesity. A second important factor is a pre-existing comorbidity. eg, diabetes, hypertension, and lipid disturbances. There may also be heredity. Ancient men also suffered from heart disease.

It should be noted that every year the largest number of people around the world lose their lives due to heart problems. In India, the number of people who die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest is close to 7 lakh. In many cases, chest pain is thought to be a digestive disorder and is avoided. This cannot be done. Instead, consult an expert quickly.


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