Pakistan Former Pm Imran Khan Hails Pm Modi Again Slams Nawaz Sharif On Corruption

Why Imran Khan Was Shot?  Multiple Reasons Arise According To His Political Stand: When he was holding up the cricket bat, the hearts of the whole of Pakistan were broken. The entire stadium chanted, ‘Kavi Albida Na Kahena.’ Responding to the request of the then President of Pakistan, Ziaul Haque, he came back from retirement. He picked up the captain’s armband. He flew to Australia with a team of youth and experienced. Everyone knows what happened next. He returned to Pakistan with the World Cup.

Imran Khan (Imran Khan) is the captain of the whole country, but the elder brother to his teammates. He also had great authority over his own political party. Although he is an undisputed leader on the playing field, he is not at all a nemesis in Pakistani politics. Continual attacks by the opposition, false propaganda and conspiracies ousted Imran Khan. But he is an eternal fighter. He made it a habit to break through Chakravyuh and return again and again. Imran, the hero of many wars, was following the same rhythm in the political arena. He started ‘Real Freedom’ in the entire country with an anti-government stance. Many people participated in his expedition. Imran’s charisma is like that. He could easily win the hearts of his teammates. He used to break the table and come out again and again to win. In the 1992 World Cup final, he brought himself up to number 3 in the batting order. Gurmukhi played an innings of 72 runs and took Pakistan to safe haven. Fighting was in his blood, never ran away from the battlefield. So Imran’s first reaction after being shot in Wazirabad on Thursday was, “Allah gave me one more life. God willing, I will fight again.” Imran Khan was looking at the throne of Pakistan anew.

As the saying goes, wild people are beautiful in the forest, and Imran is beautiful in the cricket field. Politics has repeatedly bloodied him. He was practically living with crocodiles in water and tigers in dens. Imran was not on good terms with any of Pakistan’s ‘destined’ Pakistani army or the country’s spy agency ISI, even though he was angry with his own party. Even, contrary to his nature, he was making good relations with Russia, ignoring the eye-rolling of America. People say that he was ousted in the conspiracy of the America-ISI-Pak army.

Recently, Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum, the head of the military intelligence wing, made explosive allegations against Imran Khan. He claimed that Imran was criticizing the army because the army did not agree to do unconstitutional things as he said. Not only this, but the ISI chief also alleged that Imran had also made a ‘tempting’ offer to Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in return for his support to sustain his government. In response to the allegations, Imran said, “If I wanted, I could have unmasked the ISI.” But I did not think about the security of the country.” The ISI did not take such a blunt warning from the former Prime Minister of Pakistan very well. The question remains whether this attack is the result of that hostility.

Not only the ISI or the Pakistani army, Imran was also blind to the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (N). He didn’t give up even after being misplaced. Rather, he fought back. The commission said that Imran will not be able to stand in the polls. Even then, the ‘Real Freedom’ journey started across the country. The only purpose of which is to oppose the current government. Creating an atmosphere of opposition to Shahbaz Sharif across the country. Imran’s continuous political agitation was putting pressure on the government. He was targeted to cut that pressure?

Leader Imran did not lack power in the political arena. Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) also showed him bloodshot eyes. Imran walked the path of discussion with them when he was the Prime Minister. But it didn’t work. The Tehreek-e-Taliban said they will not extend the ceasefire agreement with the Pakistan government. As a result, the risk of sabotage increases. The Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) was secretly negotiating with the government. Mufti Noor Wali, the head of the militant organization, was looking into the matter himself. They were asked by the government to lay down their arms and return to negotiations. But the organization did not agree to accept those conditions. Aggravating Islamabad’s concerns, the TTP made it clear that it would have to release its jailed members from Pakistani jails before declaring any kind of ceasefire. Imran lost power during this discussion. As a result, they targeted the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. That question remains.

Cut to Australia from Pakistan. Captain Imran Khan hoisted Pakistan’s victory flag on the soil of that country. While Wazirabad is rocking the area with heated, anti-government slogans, Babar Azam-Rizwan is desperately fighting to survive the Twenty-Twenty war on Australian soil. Pakistan won the match against South Africa. But can Imran come back after digesting the bullets? To become the fortuneteller of Pakistan by fighting with tigers in water crocodiles-danga? Questions surrounding Imran are all over Pakistan.

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