Why Do Others In Kerala Have A Concern That Neither I Nor Kalushni Does Not Have: Shaiju’s Answer To Critics: A video of commentator Shiju Damodaran kissing the feet of Keelima went viral on social media, a concern that Kerala Blasters’ superstar Evan Kalushni not have. Now, the video has come out with an explanation. He asks why others in Kerala have a concern that neither he nor Kalyushnyi has. Shaiju Damodaran was talking to Asianet News Online.

‘I have nothing to say to the Malayali who cannot understand a man’s love for a soulless, unfriendly, unloving fellow human being. Has the government given all the rights of the Malayalees to these critics? You and I have the same rights. Those who criticize should not write off Kerala. I am Malayali too. I did not kiss the feet of any close relatives of these critics. Why do others in Kerala have a concern that neither I nor Kalushni does?

I am an ordinary football fan. I don’t claim to be an extreme football scholar or a football intellectual who analyzes world football head and shoulders south, north, east, and west. It is not said that you should give me such a title. Even those who say and write that football is an emotion, there are Malayalees among us who do not even know what it means. Football is a feeling for me. “My place of worship is where football is played,” says Shaiju.

‘These criticizing Malayalees will do more if they get Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo around. Messi and Ronaldo are living legends. We are stars who love life more than ourselves. Messi’s best friend is also my best friend. If I am lucky enough to meet the living legend Messi in person, I will hug and kiss him,” Shaju clarifies.

Shaiju’s unexpected move was during the interview with Kaliushni. Shaiju kissed Kaliyushni’s feet as part of worship. The Blasters star is really surprised by Shaiju’s move. We jump like little children when someone else does something supernatural that we cannot do. No matter what level we’re at, we’re always kids who enjoy football. If there is no problem for the person who gives the kiss and the person who receives it, then who has the problem? Let’s discuss this. “I 110 percent believe that it was with absolute sincerity, love, and respect that I took Kalushni’s feet and kissed them,” says Shaju.


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