The famous actress Nimmi of the bygone era was born on 18 February 1933. Nimmi used to be counted among star actresses in her time. Nimmi worked with Dilip Kumar to Raj Kapoor and gave many superhit films. In the Black White era, every major actor was desperate to film with Nimmi. At the same time, Nimmi was also seen in Hindustan’s first color film.

Nawab Banu became Nimmi
Nimmi, the first break showman Raj Kapoor gave from his film ‘Barsaat’. Nimmi always acted on her own terms and that was the reason why there were not many films in Nimmi’s account. Nimmi’s full name was Nawab Banu and the film name ‘Nimmi’ was given by Raj Kapoor to Nawab Banu. Although Raj Kapoor first wanted to name Nawab Bano as Kinney but for some reason this could not happen and finally Nawab Bano became Nimmi.

The ‘Dream Sequence’ used for
Nimmi was played by Mahmi in the movie ‘Aan’ by Mehboob Khan, titled ‘Mangala’, which was the second lead. When the film was completed, the distributor refused to buy it. The distributor said that due to the early death of Nimmi’s character, the audience will be interested in the film and no one will watch the film. After this, Mehboob Khan shot the dream sequence of ‘Mangala’ even after the completion of the film and put it in the film, which increased the length of the film and then the distributor bought the film.

This was a mistake on Nimmi’s career, many tragedies happened in the last film too

‘Unkissed Girl of India’
Nimmi is also known as ‘Unkissed Girl of India’. There is also an interesting anecdote behind this. Actually the film Aan was released on a large scale. It premiered at London’s ‘Rialto Theater’. There ‘On’ was released under the name ‘Savage Princess’. Mehboob Khan, his wife and Nimmi were present at the premiere. Several foreign stars also attended the film’s premiere, and one of those celebs was Erl Lejali Thomson Flynn. Those who tried to kiss Nimmi’s hand moving under her custom but Nimmi retorted and said, ‘I am a Hindustani girl, you can’t do all this with me’. On the next day of this sentence, it was written in newspapers for Nimmi – ‘The Unsuccessful Girl of India’.

received an offer to appear in about four Hollywood films after the premiere of the Inkaar film on London, but Nimmi immediately turned them down. Actually, Nimmi did not want to do a Hollywood film because it contains intimate scenes and ‘kissing’ scenes and she objected to it. Significantly, actress Nimmi has been a part of many big films including Barsaat, Didar, Daag, Aan, Udankhatola, Kundan, Bhai-Bhai and Basant Bahar.


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