Why did NCB officers stand up with folded hands in interrogation of Deepika?

Why did NCB officers stand up with folded hands in interrogation of Deepika?

Saturday was a heavy day for three Bollywood actresses. On one hand, NCB interrogated Deepika-Sara-Shraddha in action mode, on the other hand, Deepika-Sara and Rakul’s mobiles were also seized. Meanwhile, now another shocking news has emerged. According to reports, Deepika Padukone cried thrice during the interrogation. The actress had tears in her eyes.

When NCB officer folded hands in front of Deepika

According to the information received, when the NCB was questioning Deepika, Deepika had a break down three times. She started crying. Now seeing this, NCB officers had advised them not to play emotional cards. With folded hands, NCB officers asked Deepika Padukone to tell the truth instead of crying. Deepika was told that if she would tell everything the truth, then it would be better for her.

At the same time, because the NCB has also seized the mobile of Deepika Padukone, now the investigation of NCB will also move in the same direction. It is being told that by checking his phone, it will be tried to understand whether he had any connection with any drug paddler. However, during the interrogation, Deepika has definitely refused to take drugs. He has also rejected the matter of drug supply. In such a situation, it will now be an exercise to extract some clues through their mobiles. On the same basis, it will also be decided what action is to be taken against Deepika.

Deepika’s big confession

It may be known that during the five and a half hour inquiry, no questions related to Sushant Singh Rajput or Riya have been asked to Deepika. The entire focus of NCB was on a chat with Deepika’s charisma in which she was talking about drugs. By the way, Deepika has also made a big confession regarding that chat. They have admitted that they are also a part of the chat in which drugs are being talked about. Talking about further investigation by NCB, their SIT team will leave for Delhi on Monday and will update the director from every aspect.


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