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Why Did Jayanthi Chauhan Not Want To Be The Owner Of Bisleri? He Expressed His Thoughts On Social Media: Biselri is the brand of water bottle that everyone looks for, be it a food stall at a railway station or a shop near home, or even a big restaurant. In this situation, the country’s most popular mineral water company is going to be sold this time. This company came under the control of Ramesh Chauhan in 1969. After that, the business started to grow at a rocket pace. Note that the bottled beverage business in India is worth Rs 20,000 crore. Out of which, 60 percent of shares are unorganized. Meanwhile, Bisleri has a 32 percent share in the organized market.

There is no successor to take the company forward: Meanwhile, after achieving this huge success, Ramesh Chauhan wants to sell his company. The reason is that his daughter Jayanthi Chauhan is not very interested in this business. Meanwhile, 82-year-old Ramesh Chauhan is preparing to sell his company for Rs 7,000 crore due to health reasons and the lack of a successor. There are already discussions between Bisleri and Tata Consumer about buying this company. Meanwhile, everyone expressed interest to know about Ramesh Chauhan’s only daughter Jayanthi Chauhan after this news came to light.

Does Jayanthi Chauhan not want to become the owner of Bisleri to create her own identity: Nothing is yet known from Jayanthi in this regard. However, it is speculated that Jayanthi wants to focus on her fashion business. Meanwhile, on the news of Bisleri being sold, Jayanthi wrote on his LinkedIn profile that “there are two sides to every story”. By writing just one line, Jayanthi has made a big point. Meanwhile, this post of Jayanti has caused a storm of reactions among all. Even, everyone is praising Jayanti for his mentality.

Meanwhile, the post suggests that Jayanthi wants to create her own identity rather than take her father’s business forward. Let it be said in this context that Jayanthi has been running this business for about 14 years. Not only this, he also played an important role in making “Bisleri” an international brand. Also, Jayanthi’s post hinted that she might start her new venture soon.

Bisleri has been given a new identity: In this context, Jayanthi took charge of his father’s company i.e. Bisleri when he was 24 years old. Even, under the leadership of Jayanthi, the plant at the Delhi office was also commissioned. He has played an important role in popularizing the Bisleri brand overall. Also, Jayanthi has been instrumental in the product management of Bisleri Mineral Water, Bedika Natural Mineral Water, Fizzy Fruit Drink, and Bisleri Hand Purifier. Besides, Jayanthi handles marketing, brand management as well as digital marketing.

Will Jayanthi start a fashion business? Note that Jayanthi is a fashion designer. Jayanthi, 37, spent her childhood in Delhi, Mumbai, and New York. He completed his primary education in Delhi and Mumbai. She also graduated in Fashion Designing from the London College of Fashion. She also did a course in fashion styling from Istituto Marangoni Milano. Not only that, Jayanthi holds a degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Thus, he has vast experience in Sales, Marketing, and Retailing while working at Bisleri. Also, Jayanthi is very interested in fashion. In such a situation, there are speculations that she may start her own fashion brand or fashion related business.


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