Why Aishwarya Rai's face does not show the effect of age, its secret is hidden in these home remedies!

Aishwarya Rai is counted among the most beautiful women in the world. There is no effect of his age on his face. Her face still looks like a young girl full of freshness. Today we are telling you the secret of Aishwarya’s beauty.

Looking at Aishwarya, no one can say that she is 47 years old. The first secret of their beautiful skin is the massage of yogurt and honey. This secret was revealed by Aishwarya herself during an interview. Aishwarya rubs her face with yogurt and honey. She believes in using a minimum of chemical to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

Aishwarya puts a domestic face mask on her face. This face mask is prepared by mixing cream, gram flour and turmeric. Besan and turmeric masks have traditionally been used in India. Ash believes in giving her skin a balance diet. Most of their face masks are based on home remedies.

Here, keep in mind that according to the weather and according to the need of the skin, you have to make changes in the things that are applied on your skin from time to time.

Aishwarya also uses milk and almond oil on her face. You can use almond oil on your skin in many different ways. For example, apply it as a face serum. While making a face mask, a few drops of almond oil can also be added to it. If there is too much dryness in the skin, you should also use almond oil on your face while applying moisturizer before sleeping at night.


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