The NIA involved in the investigation by arresting the suspended Mumbai Police officer Sachin Vazhe is now trying to find out about the woman who was with him. Sachin Vaze was staying in a five star hotel in South Mumbai from 16 to 20 February. During this time, a woman was seen inside the hotel with Sachin Vazhe. At present, the NIA is looking for that woman and that woman can prove to be an important link in this whole matter. The day before Mansukh Hiren’s Scorpio car was missing, Sachin Vazhe came to stay at the hotel. During this, he made a stay at the hotel through a fake Aadhaar card. Not only this, a woman was also with him during this time.

According to sources, the woman may be among those questioned by Sachin Vazhe in connection with a case. Sachin Vazhe was posted in the Crime Intelligence Unit of the Mumbai Police, but has been suspended following the arrest of the NIA. It is being said that the NIA has questioned Sachin Vajhe about the woman, but no information has been found. The NIA wants to know who the woman really is and what relation she has with Sachin Vajhe. Once the identity is revealed, summons can be issued by the NIA for questioning.

CCTV was seen going to the hotel carrying 5 bags, at
present, the hotel staff is also being questioned by the NIA. The officers are working to get to know all the people who met him during his 5-day stay at his hotel. Sachin Vaje arrived at the hotel with 5 bags. Vaje has also been questioned by the agency about this. In the CCTV footage of the hotel, Sachin Vaje is seen going inside the hotel with 5 big black bags. Scanning of these bags was also done. NIA officials have questioned some employees of the hotel. Some more people are yet to be questioned in the coming days. However, it is not yet known what was in those bags.

According to the booking reports of room booking for Rs 13 lakh for 100 days, a businessman had booked a room for 100 days for Sachin Waze and an amount of Rs 13 lakh was paid for it. Not only this, the Aadhaar card given by Sachin Vazhe to stay in this hotel was also fake. Sachin Vaje was introduced as Sushant Sadashiv Khamkar in this fake Aadhaar card.


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