The WHO (World Health Organization) has warned those who support the spread of Coronavius ​​for Herd Immunity. WHO has described it as immoral. “Herd immunity is a concept that is used in vaccination,” World Health Organization chief Trados Adhanom said in a virtual press briefing on Monday. In this, the population can be saved from any virus only after the vaccination reaches a limit.

When is herd immunity possible?

To illustrate this, he gave the example of measles disease. He said, “If 95 percent of the total population is vaccinated, then 5 percent of the remaining people can be protected from the virus due to herd immunity.” He told that its borderline in polio is about 80 percent.

It is wrong to consider herd immunity as a strategy

The WHO chief said, ‘Herd immunity is achieved by protecting humans from a virus, rather than putting them at risk. Herd immunity has never been used as a strategy in the history of public health to get rid of the epidemic. He stressed, “It is not right to call it scientifically and morally a strategy.”

People less aware of immune

He said, ‘It is unethical to leave the dreaded virus about which we do not have complete information to spread like this. This is not an option to avoid an epidemic. ‘ The WHO chief also spoke of lack of information on developing immunity against Kovid-19. For example, how strong the immune response is and how long the antibodies remain in the body.

Cases increasing since last 4 days

He said that it has been estimated that less than 10 percent of the population of most countries feel that they were exposed to the virus. In most countries, most people are insensitive to the virus. He told that in the last four days, many countries have recorded record cases of Kovid-19 and these places are mainly part of America and Europe.

How much destruction from Corona so far?

The WHO chief said, ‘There is neither a shortcut nor a silver bullet. All the tools in the toolbox are being used. So far, more than one and a half million people have died in the whole world due to the corona virus and more than 3 crore 80 lakh people have been caught in the virus.



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