There is still doubt about the origin of the corona virus which has killed more than 23 lakh people in a year. The World Health Organization (WHO) team also recently rejected Corona’s claim of being leaked from the Wuhan Lab, but China was beginning to be questioned after the WHO was not given the initial data. Many countries have believed that Dragon is hiding some information about the virus, which he does not want to be revealed. WHO investigators have now come to know that the corona outbreak in Wuhan in December 2019 was quite widespread. Investigators also demanded several hundred blood samples for this, which was not given by China.

WHO mission principal investigator Peter Ben Ambreck told CNN that the team had received several signs of the virus spreading in 2019. The team also got a chance to talk to the first patient infected with the virus. He was in his 40s and had no travel history. He was found infected on December 8. Ambrek, who recently returned to Switzerland from Wuhan, said that the virus was in Wuhan only in December, which is a new discovery. The WHO’s Food Safety Specialist reported that 174 Corona cases were reported in and around Wuhan in December. Of this, 100 were confirmed in the lab test.

Embrake said that this was a large number and this means that the virus affected more than a thousand people in December. He said the team, which included 17 scientists from WHO and 17 from China, broadened the type of virus genetic material to investigate the first corono virus cases. This allowed them to examine partial genetic samples, rather than the whole. As a result, they were able to assemble 13 different genetic sequences of the SARS-COV-2 virus from December 2019 for the first time. If examined in China with extensive patient data in 2019, these can provide valuable clues about timing.

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Embrake further explained that some of them are from markets and some are not connected to markets. It also includes Hunan Seafood Market of Wuhan, which is said to have started spreading the virus from here. He said that these are all things, which we got by talking to everyone.

Explain that changes in the genetic make-up of any virus are quite common and it is usually not harmful. Embrake declined to draw conclusions about what the 13 strences might mean for the history of the disease before December. But the discovery of so many different possible variants of the virus can reveal that it was circulating for more than that month, as some virologists have previously reported. A virologist at the University of Sydney in Australia, Prof. Edward Holmes states that the sample SARS-CoV-2 sampled from Wuhan in December 2019 already had genetic diversity. Because of this, there is a possibility that the virus was circulating for more than a month.

Ambrek said the team was given an analysis by Chinese scientists of 92 suspected Kovid-19 cases in October and November 2019. These patients had Kovid-like symptoms and were seriously ill. The WHO team asked these 92 to be tested for antibodies in January this year. Of these, 67 agreed to be tested and all proved to be negative. He said further tests were needed, as it is unclear whether the antibodies lasted for a year in former patients infected with Kovid-19.


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