Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

Who Is This Big Man With Morgan Freeman At The Opening Of The World Cup?: The world is now shrinking to Qatar. The next month will see the earth itself turning into a football. This year’s World Cup began with a colorful opening ceremony held at the Al Bait Stadium in Qatar.

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman was the main attraction at the inauguration, he spoke about Qatar’s cultural values, name and identity. Freeman spoke in front of everyone who came to the World Cup in the opening ceremony called ‘The Calling’.

Along with Morgan Freeman, another person attended the inauguration with the same relevance. Khan al Mutah, the ambassador of the World Cup, gained the attention of the world in a single moment.


Mufti is suffering from a rare disease called Caudal Regression Syndrome, which destroys the growth of the spine. But Mufti invited the whole world to the World Cup stage by holding his head high in front of the world as an entrepreneur and a social influencer who fills people with confidence without being weakened by his illness.\

Mufta said at the opening that this is an invitation to people from all over the world.

The doctors ruled that Mufta would not be able to live long due to this rare disease. But Mufta is still smiling in front of the world as an inspiration to many.

Mufta’s biggest ambition is to become a Paralympian in the future. Mufta’s favorite pastimes are swimming, scuba diving, football and hiking.

Having climbed Jebel Shams, the highest peak in the Gulf region, Mufta still has the goal of conquering Everest.

Apart from Freeman and Muftak, there were many brilliant sights at the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

The main attraction of the opening ceremony was the presence of Jung Kook, a member of the famous South Korean band BTS.

Jung Kook’s music video titled Dreamers was released on Sunday morning. Its live performance was held at Al Bait Stadium.

Canadian singer Nora Fateh, Lebanese singer Miriam Fares and others performed musical wonders in front of more than 60,000 spectators.

The main attraction was the music program based on the songs that had inspired the previous World Cups. The lucky symbols of the previous World Cups also took the stage together.

The national flags of all 32 countries participating in the tournament were one of the main sights at the opening ceremony.


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