The 14th season of Bigg Boss, which is called the big show of the small screen, continues. This TV show hosted by Salman Khan will soon get the winner of this season. It is difficult to say who will be the winner, but Rahul Roy, who was the winner of the first season of Bigg Boss, has talked about his favorite contests.

There is a tremendous craze about Bigg Boss 14 on social media. Fans are posting a lot of tweets and social media posts about their favorite contestants. Fans groups of stars are also using different hashtags. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss first winner Rahul Roy has talked about Bigg Boss 14.

Rahul Roy said in an interview while talking to ETimes, ‘Yes I am following Bigg Boss 14 and watching it. Like other people, I am eagerly awaiting its finale. I also want to know who will win the trophy this time. Even when I was in the hospital, Big Boss was still watching. ‘ Remember that Rahul Roy had a brain stroke during a shoot in Kargil in November last year. However, Rahul Roy’s condition is stable now and soon he will start shooting.

In conversation, Rahul further says, “I really miss being in Bigg Boss house, that time of 2006 was awesome.” After this, Rahul also talked about his favorite Bigg Boss 14 contestants. Rahul said, ‘I like Ali Gony and Rahul Vaidya and hope that one of these two will win the trophy. It is good to see the way the two became friends during the show. With this, Rahul said on his health that he is fine now.


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