When Virat Kohli was asked the meaning of the word 'Patola', know what the answer was

As much as Team India’s cricketers are in the discussion about their game, they are also in the discussion for many other reasons. Fans are very keen to know about how the players of the team are outside the field and how they talk. These things reach among the fans when only a player of Team India reveals these things. What to say if the person disclosing himself is Captain Virat Kohli. Virat spoke openly with Gaurav Kapoor at the Breakfast with Champion show and during this time he made many revelations about the players of Team India.

Not only this, Kohli also told the meaning of the word Patola during the show. In fact, when Gaurav Kapoor asked him if he knew the meaning of the word Patola, then Virat quickly responded. Gaurav Kapoor asks- What is the meaning of Patola. Kohli replies that Patola is a beautiful woman from Punjab. Who has worn a suit

After this, Gaurav says that we request people not to use the word patola publicly unless you are talking to a Punjabi. After this, Gaurav Kapoor takes the Punjabi test of Virat Kohli and says the lyrics of the song, which Virat completes immediately. Gaurav says- Oh oh ho ho. Oh Oh Ho Ho, Virat sings ahead – Oh Oh Ho Ho Ishq Tera Tadapave ..

Please tell that Virat Kohli is busy in the Test series being played against England at this time. India has lost the first Test team and now they have to return to the series.


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