Salad increases the taste of food. Especially when there is not much taste in food but do you know that eating salad with food can be harmful for health. Come, know interesting things related to eating salad

Not with food, eat salad at this time.
When you eat salad with food, you cannot get full nutrition. In such a situation, when you are hungry or whatever you have set your lunch and dinner time, eat at least half an hour before the salad. After this, have lunch or dinner. This will provide complete nutrition to your body and also get rid of over eating.


By eating salad in this way, weight will be controlled.
If eaten properly, it helps to keep weight under control. It helps in keeping our digestive system correct and also clears the stomach. This prevents extra fat from accumulating in the body and also keeps us under weight by protecting us from over eating.

Why not eat salad with food Salad
is cool in temperature and food is hot in temperature. When raw and cooked food is eaten together, it puts more pressure on our digestive system because we need extra energy to digest it. Also, it takes more time to digest such food, which sometimes messes up the digestive system.


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