Nora Fatehi is a dance addict. This is the reason that he was called as a guest judge in the reality show India’s Best Dancer only for a while. In a short time, Nora started liking contestants, but Terrence Lewis was always teased with Nora’s name in the show. Especially the rest of the show judges Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapoor always tease Terrence with Nora’s name. Often, the two were seen dancing together on stage, while there was a chance when Nora Fatehi sang for Terrence Louis – first is first love, first is first.

Dancing with Nora in her lap

As soon as this song played on the show, famous choreographer Terrence Lewis first danced with Nora and then lifted her up on sight. At the same time, the special thing was that during this time Nora’s face became red with shame. At the same time, Malaika and Geeta also did not want to let go of any opportunity to tease them. Although everyone knew that all this was going to be a joke.

At the same time, in this episode, Terence also gave a great dance performance with Nora Fatehi and Malaika Arora. And everyone was stunned to see their dance. Terence is a great choreographer, as well as Nora, everyone knows what a great dancer she is. Talk about Malaika at the same time, she too has made her mark as a dancer. Nora, Malaika and Terence appeared in a team that competed with Team Geeta.


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