Ever since Sapna Choudhary appeared in Bigg Boss, there has been a tremendous increase in her fan following. Now Sapna’s identity is not limited to Haryana only, but she seems to be making a splash even in those states which are not Haryanvi speakers. Talk about Bihar and Sapna’s fan following is enough in UP Bihar too. Many of Sapna’s shows have been done in Bihar and Sapna works a lot with Bhojpuri artists too. At the same time, he shared the stage with Ravi Kishan. Where he narrated the song Haryanvi on the request of Bhojpuri Superstar.

Sapna sings Haryanvi song

In this video, Ravi Kishan is seen on stage with Sapna Chaudhary. There are many interesting things in both and then Sapna narrates a song in Haryanvi, which not only the audience but Ravi Kishan also impresses. By the way, let me tell you that Sapna is fond of singing and she is seen singing on stage on many occasions.

The show is doing with Ravi Kishan

The same Sapna Choudhary is hosting a crime investigation show these days, in which Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari are joining her in the role of narrator. Apart from this, there is news that Sapna is going to do Bhojpuri film in which her opposite will be Dinesh Lal Yadav i.e. Nirhua. By the way, the popularity of Sapna has not decreased even today. Today back to back video songs of Sapna are released which are very popular. Recently her release new songs are being well liked. However, his stage shows are still closed due to the epidemic. But his fans are connected to him through his songs.


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