Everyone is aware of the friendship and anger of Bollywood’s Dabangg ie Salman Khan. If Salman is kind to someone, he supports him fiercely and if he is angry on someone, then openly expresses his anger. At one time he was very angry with actor Ranveer Singh. Expressing his displeasure in front of the media, he had said that he wanted to kill Ranveer, he also told him to throw a chair on Ranveer’s head. Salman’s response was to a viral video of Ranveer.

Actually, something happened that Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer film ‘Sultan’ was released at that time. Ranveer Singh then went to see the film at a theater in Paris. During this time, fanboy Ranveer started dancing in front of the theater screen on a song of ‘Sultan’. At the same time, when the media asked Salman about his reaction to Ranveer’s dance on an event related to ‘Sultan’, he became angry at Ranveer.

Salman immediately said- ‘I wanted to kill him. I wanted to break him with a chair on his head. People were watching the film and in front of the screen, they were dancing and disturbing the film. After listening to this, Anushka, who was sitting next to Salman, looked a little nervous but Salman later laughed and lighted the mood.

It is said that Ranveer Singh goes to the theater to watch all his films along with his favorite stars. Talk about the workfront, these days Salman is quite busy with his film ‘Radhey’. At the same time, Ranveer Singh is also bringing the film ’83’.


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