Bollywood star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have recently become parents for the second time. In the past, Saif and Timur have also brought home with Kareena’s little guest. Since then, the process of congratulations has also continued. But in the meantime, everyone is still waiting for when Saif-Kareena will announce the name of their second son. At the same time, Saif and Kareena have become very protective of their second child after the tremendous controversy over Taimur’s name. Which Kareena herself revealed.

During the pregnancy, Kareena had told on her chat show ‘White Women Wont’ that after all the controversy surrounding Taimur, Saif and I have not yet thought of the name of the other baby. We are leaving it for the last minute and will keep it a surprise. At the same time, according to media reports, Saif did not shy away from Taimur’s name for a long time. He was considering changing it after the backlash he found on social media.

Talking about this, Saif Ali Khan told the Mumbai Mirror- ‘I should have attached a disclaimer to it (in the name of Timur), such as it is used in films that its resemblance to any human, living or dead Being is a mere coincidence ‘. He told that ‘Yes, many people had objected to this, but apparently I think judging by medieval history is a complete nonsense. Many people have said this on my behalf ‘.

Saif Ali Khan said that ‘I can say with great confidence that we do not live in a right-wing society. Because India is still Liberal and people can still think with an open mind ‘.


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