When Rishi Kapoor told Rajiv Kapoor among the three brothers, the best artist, know the story

Bollywood actor Rajiv Kapoor died yesterday due to heart attack. Rajiv Kapoor’s elder brother Rishi Kapoor had said in a book written by him that Rajiv is the best artist among the three brothers.

In fact, in the year 2020, Rishi Kapoor died due to cancer. Before this battle of his cancer, he had written a book Khullam Khulla in which he had made many revelations related to his life. He has also talked about relationships with his brothers in this book. He told that his relationship was with Randhir Kapoor, the best of the three brothers, who is 5 years older than him. He told that his relationship with Rajiv Kapoor was hesitant. They could not easily put their mind in front of them.

He told in this book that he felt very bad that Rajiv did not get special recognition in this film industry. He said, “Rajiv himself was unaware of his ability. He was the best artist among us three brothers.” Rishi Kapoor told that Rajiv used to play very melodious piano while he had never learned to play piano.

Rishi Kapoor also praised the editing skill of Rajiv’s films in this book. He said that, “Rajiv never realized how talented he was.”


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