Can a mother’s milk be green due to corona virus? It may be too difficult to answer, but a mother has claimed that her milk turned green after being infected with the corona. 23-year-old Anna Cortez, from Mexico, said that she and her baby had a corona and after that their milk color became neon green (a kind of green), which she herself was surprised to see. However, when her treatment was complete and she became corona negative, her milk color returned to normal.

According to Metro reports, a pediatrician, who is also a lactation consultant after Anna Cortez’s claim, assured Anna that she did not need to panic and that her milk was completely safe. He said that the color of milk may have changed due to the natural antibodies present inside his body, as antibodies fight infection and protect the baby.

Experts believe that the green color of the milk may be due to the mother’s diet, but 23-year-old Anna said that there has been no change in her eating habits and even after eating a lot of greens, her milk is always white. lives. However, everyone is shocked after Anna’s claim. Mother Anna Cortez said that I spoke to the doctor supervising my daughter, who is also a lactation consultant. He said that the color of the mother’s milk changes when the mother becomes ill, or when the child becomes ill due to cold or stomach viruses.

Even after being infected with the corona virus, as Anna, she continued to feed her baby girl. According to British experts, the mother should not stop feeding the baby even after having corona, because their milk will protect the baby. Experts believe that in the studies that have been done so far, there is no indication of the virus going inside the milk.


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