When Mika Singh came to singer angry over Jasbir Jassi, read what happened

Comedian Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ shows a different dose of comedy whenever a guest comes. Something similar happened when famous Punjabi and pop singers Jasbir Jassi, Mica Singh, Daler Mehndi and Hansraj Hans Kapil arrived on the show. During this, Micah Singh narrated a funny anecdote related to Jasbir Jassi and himself.

According to Micah, he was very angry at one time. Micah was once invited by Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi to eat at a five-star hotel. When Micah reached there, it was 11 o’clock in the night. In such a situation, Jasbir Jassi left his friend Mica, saying that it was time for him to sleep and that he was going to sleep

Jassi went away from there by calling Micah Singh a good night. Due to this, Micah became very furious and started looking for Jassi’s room in the whole hotel. While searching for Jassi, Micah was beating the door of every room. In such a situation, a door opened and one of them peeked out and asked, whom are you looking for? On which Micah said, I am looking for Jassi.

It is said that the person told Micah what is Jassi’s room. According to Micah, he himself came to know after three years of this incident that the person who told him the address of Jassi’s room was none other than Hansraj Hans. Listening to the tales of this bubbly bonding of Micah and Jassi, everyone present there started laughing laughter.


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