Mahesh Bhatt is one of the popular filmmakers of the country. His statements and opinions often lead to contraversions. During an interview with Simi Grewal in 1998, Mahesh Bhatt talked about his second marriage and how his first wife and children reacted to him. Mahesh Bhatt had revealed that his first wife Kiran Bhatt and children, Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt, were not happy with her marriage to Soni Razdan.  

Soni Razdan had earlier reacted saying that there was initial resentment. Soni had said, “There was resentment in the early times but it slowly went away. We started to mingle, but we had a fight. There were problems when we were not married, but after marriage, it went away. And we started living well. ” 


Mahesh Bhatt further said that “there was resentment at first. It was enough that he removed his father. I let him express his anger and anger”.  


Pooja Bhatt hated Soni Razdan,
Pooja Bhatt also reacted at the same time. Pooja had said, “I was angry with my father for leaving my mother for another woman. I used to hate Soni. I used to get angry with him many times.” 


In bad times,
Maheesh Bhatt told in the interview with Maheesh Bhatt about his drinking habit. He said, “Sonny supported me during my most difficult time. I had a drinking habit when I became sick in a way, then Sony supported me. I had ruined everything, it made my other family a big issue.” without taking with me ” 
Sony and Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt Mahesh Bhatt has two daughters. Pooja Bhatt has a good relationship with both.


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