The third season of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is going to start soon. The show was off-air for some time in January this year, but now it is going to be back again. The second season of the show was a big hit and there were more than one gags especially from Krishna Abhishek.

In one episode, Krishna had heavily imitated Veteran actor Dharmendra, while Kiku Sharda was seen laughing fiercely in his son Sunny Deol’s getup. In this episode, Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh were celebrity guests who laughed at the comedy of Krishna and Kiku. Genelia, who first came on the show, was given Rs 11 by Shagun while doing comedy in Dharam Paaji’s Getup, but Sunny-turned-Kiku asks him to intercept – 11 bucks in Papa Shagun, so Krishna says, why is it too much? As soon as he says this, he takes a note of 10 rupees from Ritesh’s hand and by giving him 1 rupee in omen, he says go do it. Seeing this, apart from Genelia and Ritesh, Kapil also laughs a lot.

When Krushna Abhishek became such a comedy by Dharmendra, she also lost her own laughter

There is also an occasion in the show when Krishna is forced to laugh at his own joke. He says to Kiku – If you leave your breath, then the cabbage will come out, after hearing this Kiku-Krishna and all start laughing. Krishna repeatedly repeats the same thing, on which Kiku says, Papa will exhale only when he exhales, from where should he bring the cabbage, he says, Nalayak is in the cabbage bag, he removes it. After this, Kiku removes the cauliflower, then Krishna says where is the cauliflower, then Kiku puts the cauliflower on the flower and say – here it is, made cauliflower.


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