When Kapil Sharma ran away from the award show because of his poor English

Kapil Sharma as a comedian has made his place in the industry today, it is not a matter of everyone. They have made the journey from floor to hail very well. But Kapil has only one weakness and that is English. Whatever you do to Kapil from laughter to acting to acting, but when it comes to speaking English, his sitti pitti is lost. Something similar happened during the ITA Award when Kapil ran away from the function for fear of pulling his leg.

When Kapil Sharma ran from the show

During the Indian Television Award, ITA show, the host is seen looking for Kapil, but only then it appears that Kapil Sharma is running away from the show. Actually, Kapil realizes that now he will be mocked for English, that is why he was running away. Because everyone knows how Kapil’s English is. At the same time, when Kapil is caught, his leg is also pulled.

Kapil also changed a lot

By the way, Kapil is Kapil, no one should pull his leg and he should not answer it in his own style. This cannot be done. So when Kapil Sharma came here on his own, everyone stopped speaking well. He mocked the host fiercely, in a special way. You also watch this funny video.

Currently, Kapil Sharma will not be able to entertain you through The Kapil Sharma Show. Because the show has been off air for some time. But it is not that this show will not be aired again. Rather, preparations are on to return the show soon. If media reports are to be believed, then this time Sunil Grover may also return to the show.


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