Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown in the country at 8 pm on March 23, exactly one year before today due to the corona virus . Almost all the necessary equipment, including railways, airplanes, shops, buses, factories and thousands of companies, had to be shut down and people were imprisoned in homes. That is, a moving India suddenly came to a standstill. When the lockdown was imposed, there were 500 cases of corona in the country, which now stands at 1,17,34,058 . Out of this, three lakh 68 thousand 457 cases are active. At the same time, after the vaccine, more than 5 crore people have been given the dose of corona vaccine.

Learn how the country was affected by the lockdown

1) When the lockdown was first announced, there were only 500 Corona cases in the country and about 50 people died due to Kovid-19. According to data from the Union Ministry of Health, the number of infections has increased to 11.73 million today. The death toll has reached 1,60,441 .

2) It was a nationwide lockout under which all except the essential people were banned. All establishments, including private, commercial, educational and government were told to remain closed.

3) According to experts, the lockdown had slowed the rate of epidemic growth. Prior to the first phase of lockdown, the doubling rate of Kovid-19 cases was approximately 3 days, starting to double every 6.2 days by April 18, 2020.

4) On 15 April last year, the lockdown was extended for the next 19 days. By 17 May it was extended again for 14 days. The final phase of the lockdown lasted 14 days until 31 May.

5) Lockdown opened again in the country in a phased manner. The lockdown began to have an impact on the economy. GDP growth has come down from 8.2 percent in January-March 2018 to 3.1 percent in January-March 2020.

6) However the lockdown came as a transformative time for many industries including healthcare, OTT platforms, e-commerce, travel-related sectors, tourism and hospitality. While remaining closed for long, many businesses were at a loss.

7) Migrants also started migrating due to the closure of factories and workplaces. Millions of migrant workers traveled hundreds of kilometers on their way back to their country’s villages.


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