Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She is seen making many shocking revelations with the fans, along with giving her impeccable opinion on many issues. Recently, Kangana has made a disclosure related to her personal life, which she has told as an example to prove that she has been a rebel since the beginning. He told that at one time his father tried to raise his hands on him. After this, Kangana held his hand and said something that you will be surprised to hear.

Kangana tweeted, ‘My father wanted me to be the best doctor in the world, he felt that he had become a revolutionary father by teaching me in the best institution, when I refused to go to school, he tried to slap me Of. I grabbed his hand and told him – if you slap me, I will slap you too ‘.

My father has acknowledged rifle and guns, growing up he did not scold he roared, even my ribs trembled, in his youth he was famous for gang wars in his college which gave him a reputation of a gunda, I fought with him at 15 and left home, became first Baaghi Rajput woman at 15.

– Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) February 20, 2021

This chillar industry thinks success got to my head and they can fix me, I was always Baaghi its only after success my voice got stronger and today I am one of the most prominent voices in the nation. History is a witness whoever tired to fix me I fixed them instead.

– Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) February 20, 2021
Kangana said in another tweet that- ‘My father had a licensed rifle and gun. When I was growing up, they did not scold, I used to roar, I used to tremble inside. In his youth, he was famous for gangs in his college, due to which he became famous as a goon, I quarreled with him when I was 15 and I left home, along with the first rebel Rajput at the age of 15 Became a woman ‘.

Talking about Bollywood, he wrote- ‘This Chillar industry feels that success has penetrated my mind and they can cure me, I was always rebel, only after success my voice has become stronger. Today I am one of the most prominent voices in the nation. History is witness that whoever has tried to cure me, I have fixed it ‘.


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