Story: When drunk Dharmendra committed such an act by getting angry with Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Dharmendra is a big star for the fans but he has always led a simple life. Dharmendra had stepped into films only to get the love of the people. And he also got them. Recently, Dharmendra shared a glimpse of this love with everyone on social media. After which everyone started worrying about them. At the same time, Lata Mangeshkar also got worried about Dharmendra and asked him how he was on the phone.

Lata Mangeshkar knows Dharmendra’s condition on phone

It is being told that Lata talked to Dharmendra for about 20 minutes. And get to know about his health. Dharmendra himself has given this information to everyone in one of his interviews. Dharmendra told that, when Lata ji came to know about my condition by calling, I felt as if all my problems have ended. Lata ji told me on the phone that your enemies should be depressed.

Lata ji is my life – Dharmendra

Remembering the old days, Dharmendra further told that, Lata ji is my life. There has never been any condition in our relationship. We used to talk everyday. And I loved him so much that, I have given him the status of Saraswati Maa. When the entire country was under lockdown, I used to spend time listening to their songs. I pray that he will always be happy. Let me tell you that in the tweet shared by Dharmendra, he wrote that Sharoor did not come to my simplicity… I had to bear my life… I had to bear it.


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