When ‘Baby Mayor’ Arya Gives CPM A Headache: From Attukal Pongala Scam To Letter Controversy: A letter sent on behalf of Mayor Arya Rajendran to CPM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan asking for a list to insert party members into 295 temporary posts in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation ruled by the Left Front is causing a headache for the CPM. The opposition came out criticizing Arya. Criticism against Arya is intensifying on social media as well.

Arya was appointed as the youngest mayor in history. However, Arya, who has been involved in controversies since the beginning, is becoming a headache for the CPM.

Arya Rajendran took charge as the Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in December 2020. The appointment was celebrated by the CPM. Even the national media discussed the incident. But within days of being elected mayor, Arya came to seek the blessings of a sorcerer named Suryanarayan Guruji, a devotee of Bhadrakali. Such a deed by a revolutionary-minded ‘comrade’ who was not addicted to superstitions was the first blow to the CPM and those who praised ‘Baby Mayor’. It is said that the party has reprimanded the Mayor on the issue.

The next controversy was Arya’s participation in the NSS reception with BJP representatives within days of assuming office as Mayor. The party’s response was that politics should not be seen in the matter. The next controversy was that the mayor’s party program is bigger than the development of the country. For no other reason, instead of participating in the city development program of the corporation, the mayor boarded the vehicle to attend a party program in Kannur. This showed ‘incompetence’ in the Mayor. However, the mayor’s justification was that it was not a development seminar but a general body meeting of the working group.

There was also controversy when the Mayor followed the official vehicle of former President Ram Nath Kovind. There was confusion when Mayor Arya Rajendran’s official vehicle tried to follow the President’s motorcade. Arya’s official car rammed into the President’s motorcade in violation of protocol. The incident took place during the former President’s visit to Thiruvananthapuram. There was a lot of discussion in Kerala about the non-availability of water in the washroom prepared for the President who came to inaugurate the official program and the defect in the seating on the stage.

Allegations were also leveled against the mayor that the money given by the state government in 2011 for the construction and provision of houses under the EMS Bhavana project was missing. Nedungad councilor and BJP leader Karamana Ajith asked whether it was Arya Rajendran, the present mayor, or the former mayor who had sunk around eight crore rupees. There is no record of the purchase of land for the EMS Bhavana project with the money deposited in the District Cooperative Bank at Palayam or of the house being given to anyone.

After cutting the funds of the EMS Bhavana project, there was a huge controversy when the officials cut the taxes collected from the people without paying them to the corporation. The most controversial incident in the group is the scam that took place under the guise of Attukal Pongala. Under the guise of cleaning up after the uncelebrated Atukal Pongala, the corruption in the corporation was worth lakhs.

The mayor’s Facebook post insulting and ridiculing those who protested against the flood in front of the New Theater is just another controversial chapter. The note written by the mayor about the completion of Thaikkad cremation work and its language was criticized. The mayor’s decision to take action against the cleaning workers who protested by throwing the Onasadya in the garbage has become a headache for the CPM. The party avoided the headache by taking back those who had been dismissed. The young man, who is a relative of Anavoor Nagappan, is working in the corporation. Arya had also protected him who was caught in a drug case. Meanwhile, the job offer letter controversy is on the rise.

A letter sent on behalf of Mayor Arya Rajendran to CPM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan asking for a list of party members to insert 295 temporary posts in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation ruled by the Left Front has come out. In a letter addressed to ‘Comrade’ after giving the details of the vacancies ‘request’ to give priority list of candidates to it. The letter signed by the Mayor also contains how to apply and the last date. The letter confirms the allegation that CPM supporters are being filled from important posts to temporary vacancies.


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