Aamir Khan got so much fee for 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak', you will be shocked to know

Superstar Aamir Khan is celebrating his 56th birthday today. Aamir Khan is an actor whose personal life is rarely discussed. That Amuman talks very little about his personal life. However, his personal life has also been very volatile.

Aamir Khan’s first marriage took place before his Bollywood debut. He was first married to Reena Dutta. This relationship lasted for about 16 years. Both of them got divorced in 2002. After this, in 2005 she married Kiran Rao. However, there was never any bitterness in the relationship between Aamir and Reena. Both still respect each other very much.

Aamir Khan once spoke openly about his first marriage. Aamir said in an interview, ‘Reena and I were with each other for 16 years and when our relationship broke down it was shocking for me, for her and our families too. But we tried our best to deal with it. This does not mean that I lost respect or lost love for Reena. He is a wonderful person.

Aamir told that he considers himself lucky that he got a chance to live with Reena for 16 years. Aamir says that I have learned a lot from this relationship and both of us have moved forward.


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