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Whatsapp Accounts Ban: 23 Lakh Whatsapp Accounts Were Banned In India In One Month.. Do You Know Why?: Popular messaging app WhatsApp has banned millions of Indian accounts. Banned nearly 23 lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts in October 2022.

WhatsApp Accounts Ban: Popular messaging app WhatsApp has banned millions of Indian accounts. Banned nearly 23 lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts in October 2022. According to Rule 4(1)(D) of the Information Technology Rules, 2021, a report revealed that 23 lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts were banned in the month of October following user safety guidelines. The instant messaging platform has released a list of banned accounts for the safety of its users. The monthly report revealed that (2,324,000) WhatsApp accounts were banned between October 1- October 31, 2022, after receiving complaints from users. Of those 23 lakh accounts, WhatsApp banned 811,000 Indian accounts before receiving complaints from users.

WhatsApp banned over 23 lakh Indian accounts in October 2022 for violating its safety rules

WhatsApp accounts have been banned due to non-compliance with the messaging platform’s policies and rules. WhatsApp has banned receiving complaint reports from Indian users through its complaint mechanisms, WhatsApp said in the report. The instant messaging app received 701 complaint reports during the month. Actions were taken on 34 accounts. The WhatsApp platform has always provided a safe platform for users, the report said.

WhatsApp has laid down rules and guidelines to prevent the misuse of data. Providing end-to-end encrypted messaging services for user security as well as privacy. According to WhatsApp IT Rules 2021. WhatsApp has been constantly monitored with artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technology, data scientists, and experts to keep user data safe on their platform for years.

Why is a WhatsApp account banned? :
Whatsapp users will be banned immediately if they receive a large number of complaints about SPAM messages or if the user is found to be violating the terms and conditions set by the platform. The platform advises everyone to refrain from spamming or sending messages if they do not want other users to block or report unknown contacts.

How WhatsApp Bans Accounts :
WhatsApp bans accounts of spam or fraudulent users through an automated process. This platform works on account abuse in three steps. WhatsApp provides a response to negative feedback at the time of sending a message during registration. Then WhatsApp receives user complaints and reports in the form of blocks. A team of analysts then provides these systems to improve over time to predict edge cases.

How to report WhatsApp accounts?
You can send your complaint to WhatsApp support about malicious accounts by mail to “”. They can report problems they have with the account. You should share a screenshot as proof of your reason for reporting to users. You can also report your WhatsApp account by tapping on WhatsApp Chat > ​​More options > More > Report. You can choose between reporting the user or blocking their account.


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