Jasleen Matharu and Anoop Jalota had raised everyone’s senses by taking a simultaneous entry in Bigg Boss house. Anoop and Jasleen had told themselves to be couple and everyone was very surprised on this matter. However, both later told the truth and told that there is no relationship between the two. Now recently the photo of the couple’s wedding couple went viral.

Some photos of Jasleen Matharu and Anoop Jalota sitting in a wedding couple are fast becoming viral on social media. In such a situation, the question in the mind of the people is, have both got married? Jasleen’s photo was shared on her Instagram account. However, he did not put a caption with it and left its decision on the thinking of the people.

After the photo went viral, Anoop Jalota has told the truth behind it. He said that there is nothing like this. Anoop said, ‘Look, the way it is shown is nothing. This is a scene from our film Woh Meri Student Hai. This is a dream sequence and I have become his father.

He further said, ‘Brother in many places, at weddings, the father also wears a turban and also wears a baraati. That photo is from the film’s set and is original. The photo is being shown incorrectly. Just like I have promised him in real life that I will give him (Jasleen), I am doing it in the film as well.

Anoop Jalota also said, ‘See, I do not care how I am being connected with anyone. I am just doing my work. And I have nothing to do with anyone. And if the image is not made by making an image, it has to be earned. I have earned my respect and I do not think that such things will hurt her. Even before, people have done such petty actions with me. Everything is in the hands of God. ‘

Talking about his film Woh Mere Student Hai, Anoop Jalota said, ‘Our film’s shooting is almost complete. There is just two days of shoot left which we will shoot at Future Studios. I am very excited about this film. It will be released next year.

It is known that in real life, Jasleen Matharu has been Anup Jalota’s student. Anoop has taught him music. Jasleen also keeps talent and dreams of acting. In such a situation, he has worked in this film with Anoop. Anoop Jalota had also liked a boy for Jasleen Matharu but regrettably the two did not work and after a few months of dating, Jasleen separated from the boy.



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