What Is The Requirement To Apply For Global Health IPO?  Experts Explain: After a long hiatus, the IPO market is in full swing. The Indian stock market’s return to near one-year highs has also fueled the primary market activity. In the first week of November, 3 companies have come up with share sales. Here are the recommendations of leading brokerage firms regarding the IPO of Global Health, a leading hospital chain in the country.

Global Health IPO

Global Health Limited is a leading private hospital chain in India. The hospitals operate under the ‘Medanta brand, with a focus on the North and East regions of the country. ‘Medanta’ offers multi-specialty treatment facilities, all types of healthcare services, and organ transplants. At present, 4 hospitals are operational in the cities of Gurugram, Indore, Ranchi, and Lucknow.

The IPO details are as follows;

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Global Health has approached investors in the primary market with the announcement that the proceeds will be used to pay down the debt of subsidiaries and for general corporate activities.

IPO application: November 3 to 7.
Counter face value: Rs 2 per counter.

Why Global Health?

Excellence in the management and treatment of complex diseases in Neurology, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Pediatric, Gastrointestinal, Liver, and Urinary.

Emphasis is placed on clinical research and studies.

World-class treatment facilities and service excellence.

Financially sound performance.

Focused activity on areas with high population density but underserved medical facilities.

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Basic background conditions such that hospital growth can be enhanced by leveraging existing facilities through diversification.

Senior management with operational experience and guidance and support from strong investment institutions.

Share price: Apply between Rs 319-336.
Minimum Application: In multiples of 44 shares.
Amount raised: 2,205 crores.
Stock Exchange: NSE, BSE.
Listing Date: November 16.

Brokerage recommendation

Reliance Securities- Global Health’s operations are impressive with world-class facilities in a rich environment and without the added burden of a large network. Advanced equipment systems. Leveraging technology for operational and financial oversight is also beneficial. So Reliance Securities proposes to apply for Global Health IPO.

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Choice Broking also recommends investors to apply for the Global Health IPO. Even at the proposed high price of the stock, the ratio of enterprise value to turnover is only 4 times. Choice Broking is proposing to participate in Global Health’s IPO citing its better quality than similar stocks.



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