Like the feet, our back also controls the entire body. This is why it sometimes causes severe pain. By giving balm, fomentation or massage to someone, there is some relief from this pain, but if there is a pain in your back often, then you may also have trouble with cytica. Come, know what is cytica-

What is the connection
between foot and back pain? Cytica is a condition of back pain that arises due to compression of the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts from the lower back and reaches the toe. This vein works to strengthen our muscles. If for some reason this nerve is suppressed, then it also suppresses the other nerves nearby. This is why a person has a problem of constant pain in the waist, back, hips and feet, which is called cytica. Also, if the lower part of the spinal cord is narrower, such a problem can occur. When the gelatinous substance of the cushion present between the joints of the bones of the spine becomes dry, then the bones start putting more pressure on each other. Due to this, such a problem can also occur.

toe pain

Acupressure will be treated, in
such a situation we can avoid back, hip and knee pain by taking good care of our feet. Acupressure has been a part of ancient Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. You can relieve stress by putting pressure on some points on the body. Apart from this, some exercises can also help you in relieving pain. Along with exercising the feet to relieve pain, you can also try to press the toes on the floor or walk on the fingers. If you are aware of acupressure, then it is even better. It can also provide great relief in pain.


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