Countries around the world keep their eyes on Kim Jong, the dictator of North Korea, almost all the time, so that he does not do anything that will affect the whole world. Due to his dictatorial attitude, various types of sanctions have been imposed on North Korea, but Kim Jong is not taking any name for improving them. Recently United Nations experts have said that North Korea is engaged in modernizing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, bypassing the ban. In addition, he is taking the technology used in these programs from other countries. In a report sent to the Security Council on Monday, a team of experts monitoring the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea has reported that Kim Jong Un’s government has also manufactured materials that produce nuclear weapons. Can.

North Korea shows ‘Dum’ in military parade In
its report, experts say that North Korea has demonstrated new short-range missiles, medium-range submarine-hit and intercontinental ballistic missiles in military parades. “He (North Korea) announced the development and testing of new ballistic missile weapons and strategic nuclear weapons and made the ballistic missile new,” he said. Let us say that North Korea conducted nuclear tests for the first time in 2006. After which the United Nations had imposed strict restrictions on it. The United Nations has banned most of the country’s exports to limit the production of nuclear and ballistic missiles by Pyong Yang and has limited imports to a large extent.

North Korea is ignoring Bain
In a summary of the report to the Associated Press, it is clearly written that North Korea is developing its nuclear and missile programs, illegally importing oil, using international banking channels, ignoring the sanctions. And is promoting criminal cyber activities. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s arsenal has emerged as a major threat to the US and its Asian allies since 2017. That test included an explosion of a thermonuclear warhead and tests of ICBMs that demonstrated the ability to reach US territory. At the same time, a year later, Kim Jong Un introduced diplomacy with South Korea and the then US President Donald Trump, But that too derailed by 2019. At the time, the US rejected North Korea’s demands for sanctions relief in exchange for a major deal.


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