Neha Kakkar, a playback singer and Rishikesh resident who is trying to spell her voice, is going to tie the knot soon. Family members are very excited about their marriage in Rishikesh. Those who will leave for Delhi on 21 October to attend the wedding ceremony. Playback singer Neha Kakkar is housed in Hanumanthapuram, Ganganagar, Rishikesh. She comes to Rishikesh with family when she gets a free time from Mumbai. Neha’s cousins ​​reside in Hanumanthapuram Rishikesh with the huge Kakkar family.

On Saturday, he gave information about Neha’s marriage to Vishal Kakkar and the event to be held in Rishikesh. The cousin told that all the wedding programs will be held in Delhi itself. There is no program in Rishikesh. All the ceremonies of the wedding ceremony will take place on 23 and 24 October. Preparations are underway to attend the wedding ceremony. Family members Shalu Kakkar, Vanshika Kakkar, Pari Kakkar are extremely excited. Told that he will leave Delhi with the family on October 21 to attend the wedding. According to family sources, Neha Kakkar will come to Rishikesh after being tied into the knot. Where some rituals that occur after marriage can be performed. However, no program has been decided yet.


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