Virat Kohli, one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world, is batting in the Indian Premier League these days. They are in excellent form. Virat has scored 256 runs in 7 matches in IPL season 13 so far. Also, he is at number one among the players who have scored the most runs from RCB.

At the same time, his team has won 5 out of 7 matches and with this, his team is third in the IPL point table with 10 points. Although both the teams above RCB (Mumbai and Delhi) also have 10-10 points, but RCB is at number three due to the difference in their run rate.

It is said that Kohli sweats more than other players during practice sessions. He is also counted among the most fit athlete. During the practice session, Kohli has made a video in which he is seen telling about his kit. In this video tweeted by Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kohli has shown all the gears that he carries in his cricket kit.

What’s in Kohli’s cricket kit bag …?

  • Thai Pads
  • RCB Hat (hat)
  • Thai Guards (Test number 269 of Kohli is inscribed on it)
  • Red Pads (1 pair)
  • 10 pairs of gloves (according to Kohli there is more heat in UAE so more gloves are necessary)
  • 2 Pair Special Shoes (Puma One-8)
  • Grip pole (for gripping on the bat)
  • Bat stickers
  • Wrist band
  • Helmet
  • Sleeves (to wear in hand during fielding so as to avoid injury)
  • A pair of short gloves (for fielding practice and catch practice)
  • Sweat Bands (For Helmets)
  • Griptech Cream (to set the gloves right in the hand and make a good hand grip on the bat)
  • Helmet cover
  • 2 bats (However, Kohli has a total of 10 bats for the IPL Tour.)
  • In this video, Kohli has told that he does not even touch hands during practice, ie the bat that he plays in the match. Kohli says that he does not practice without AB de Villiers. Kohli says that he likes to put stickers on his bats himself.


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