TV actress Anita Hasanandani has recently become a mother. She has given birth to Baby Boy. Since Anita’s mother became a fan, the question arose in her mind as to what name she had named the son, but now the fans have got the answer. Anita and her husband Rohit Reddy have named the son Aarav. Although Kapal has not announced the son’s name, comedian Bharti Singh accidentally revealed his son’s name.

Bharti Singh has shared a video of the gift hampers on Instagram Story, which has been sent to her by Anita and Rohit. There is also a card with Hamper, in which Anita and Rohit’s son’s name is written as Aarav. It was also found in the video that an Instagram account has also been created in the name of Aarav. A profile of Aarav’s Instagram account has a photo of his hand. Anita and Rohit have also followed this account. However, no post has been shared with Aarav’s account yet.

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Anita and Rohit became parents on 9 February. Rohit told fans through social media that he has become a father. After becoming a mother, Anita had a glimpse of the son. She shared the son’s first photo with husband Rohit. In the picture, Anita was seen holding the son in her hands. Anita wrote in the caption, “And we have become three. Is blessed with the best. Thanks to all of you for the beautiful wish. #NumomyDaddy. ”

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Let us tell you that last year, in the month of October, Anita had informed about her pregnancy. He shared updates on the social media during the pregnancy period. Anita and Rohit got married in 2013.


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