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What Is A Narco Test?  Delhi’s Brutal Killer Aftab May Have Been Tested, Ajmal Kasavar Too: The year is 2002. The Narco analysis test to find the truth in the Godhra case (Narco test) was ordered by the court. In the year 2003 Telgi stamp paper scam accused Abdul Karim Telgi was subjected to a narco test. Ajmal Kasav, a Pakistani national arrested in the Mumbai blasts, was also subjected to a narco-analysis test. When there are inconsistencies in the statement of the accused, nothing really wants to come forward, the police do not act in the third degree, then the investigators apply for this narco test.

Now the question is this narco (Narco test) was ordered by the court. The year 2003 What and how reasonable is the narco test of the Telgi stamp paper scam accused Abdul Karim Telgi? The brutal killings in Delhi have shaken the entire country. Accused Aftab strangled her live-in partner Shraddha Walker and cut her body into 35 pieces in the forest of Delhi. Although he confessed to the murder, there are many inconsistencies in his statement. The police also have to gain enough momentum to untangle this brutal murder. Police have not yet received much evidence. So the investigating officers applied for a narco test.

A lot of wood has to be burned before this narco test. This test cannot be done at will. According to a police source, this test is usually conducted on suspects in major crimes. The accused or the offender must be physically and mentally stable. According to a police source, Perth Dey was supposed to be put to the test in the Robinson Street skeleton case. But it was not done because he was not mentally healthy. If investigators consider narco-testing, they must apply to the court. Why the narco test is required, which way the investigation is going, whether the narco test will be of any use, what is the physical condition of the patient, everything is allowed only after looking into it.

What is this narcoanalysis test?

Simply put, the criminal or accused is rendered unconscious by a drug. His power to think is lost. Much like being hypnotized. At that time, the accused will not be able to answer with a nod or a thoughtful response. He will answer whatever comes to his subconscious mind. And in the subconscious usually comes the truth. In this process, the investigators aim to extract the truth from the accused.

Aftab’s narco test will be! Delhi court granted permission, but police are still looking for the weapon to mutilate the body

A type of injection renders the accused semi-conscious. In that state, he does not have complete control over himself. Investigators said the accused would give correct answers if questioned about any incident at that time.

How is narco testing done?

A medical test of the accused is done before the narco test. The hypnotic injection is given only after being physically fit. There are many different hypnotic drugs. Usually, Hypnotic Sodium Pentothal (Hypnotic Sodium Pentothal) injection is given. It is called Thiopentone. After this drug enters the body, the brain loses its ability to think. The accused reached a semi-conscious state. Then he would not have the power to think for himself. So you can’t answer tactfully. It is believed that the accused or criminal will tell the truth if questioned in that situation. So this type of hypnotic drug is called Truth Drug or Truth Serum.

There are other drugs such as scopolamine, and sodium amytal also used by the investigators. The accused reaches the hypnotic stage. At that time he tried to tell the truth.

How reasonable is the narco test?

Investigators can often find inconsistencies in the accused’s statements during narco tests. Truth comes forward or has come in many cases. But in all cases, this test is not successful. Narco tests on Abdul Kalim and Imran Khan, accused in the 2007 Hyderabad twin blasts, did not yield many results, investigators said. Again, in the 2005 Indian Institute of Science explosion, the investigators did not get any information even after narco-testing the suspects.

There is disagreement about the narco-analysis test. Many say that this experiment means being forced into semi-consciousness with hypnotic drugs. Then the investigators used various methods including shaking the body, slapping, and hitting the body to keep him awake in that condition. Not everything that is said while unconscious will be correct. So this test is not considered to be the only scientific method to bring out the truth.


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