Sonu's decision:The case of making a residential building a hotel; Sonu Sood challenged BMC in Supreme Court after High Court dismissed the petition

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood helped thousands of workers and laborers during the lockdown. In the midst of the corona virus epidemic, he even arranged for buses, food, accommodation for migrant workers and laborers and for transporting women from one state to their homes by airplane. He is very active on social media.

During the lockdown, he helped people through social media. People from different states and countries appealed to Sonu Sood on social media to help them in their medical bills, expenses of their studies and other things. But recently, a fan asked Sonu Sood for such help that the actor himself was also surprised. Let me tell you that a fan asked Sonu if he can help them get married? Sonu has given the best answer on this.

Sonu gave this answer

One fan wrote in his tweet, “Will you get married, sir?” Fan also added a begging emoji along with it. To this, Sonu replied, “Why not … I will also recite the mantra for marriage. Just take the trouble of finding a girl.”

See Sonu Sood’s tweet here

Sonu got handpumpsRecently, Sonu Sood has got two hand pumps installed in the slum of Anand Nagar in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. The poor yearning for water has cheered the film actor Sonu Sood with an open heart. However, the people of Anand Nagar do not know who Sonu Sood is.

There was no water system

After the lakh announcements of the administration, there could not be a system of drinking water here. People here had to bring drinking water from very far. Sonu Sood understood their pain and put the solution on the ground.


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