In some one’s horoscope, there is a lot of waste. From the fourth, seventh and tenth house of the horoscope, the name and status of the person is seen. Sometimes the name Yash is also considered by the double sense. Mainly the moon and Venus are considered planets providing fame. In palmistry, Sun is considered to be the planet of fame. Thirdly, Sastha and Dwadash Bhava are the predominant Bhava of Apayash whereas Saturn, Rahu and Bad Moon are the major planets of Apayash. Apart from this, sometimes there is a loss of inadequacy with consistency.

When does a person get inadequate in life?

When the person’s sun or moon is in eclipse yoga, the eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope is bad, Venus or the moon is in a low zodiac, the sun line is broken or the island on it, when the sun is a mole or ring on the mountain or in a dark house The chances of getting inadequate to the occupants increases.

What are the measures to avoid wastage?

Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji every Tuesday. Read Shiva Tandava Stotra every morning. Wear a copper red thread around the neck on Sunday. Donate rice, lentils, flour and vegetables to every Amavasya. While sleeping, head towards east and sleep.


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