We try to lose weight but sometimes it happens that some habits ruin our efforts. What we eat, especially at night, affects our food. In such a situation, healthy diet should always be taken during the night so that you get nutrition but do not get fat on your body. Today we are telling you such things, by eating at night, along with your weight control, your body fat also decreases.

After eating green tea, one cup of green tea will not only digest your food, but drinking it will also clean your stomach. Don’t forget to take a walk for 5-10 minutes after drinking green tea, otherwise you may also become gas.

Be sure to include Brockley in your diet plan. Brockley should be steamed and eaten. With this, your weight control and skin problems are also cured.

Eating cherries after dinner on cherry night where you will get a good sleep. In addition, eating it also reduces weight. The antioxidants present in cherries also reduce abdominal bloating.

Include almonds in your diet plan to lose weight. Almonds have lots of nutrients on one side. In addition, the protein in it also repairs your muscles. Apart from this, it also shows excellent effect in fat.

Boiled Eggs:
Boiled eggs must be eaten for the supply of protein. Along with removing protein deficiency in the body, it also helps in burning fat. If you want to lose weight without weakness, then definitely include boiled eggs in the diet.


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