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Weekly Horoscope From 14th November To 20 November: How will financial stability, job, health and relationships be in the new week?

How will financial stability, job, health and relationship be in the new week? Is there any indication of complications anywhere? Whether it’s hectic during the week or spending the weekend happily with the family. How will the equation of the relationship be, will the people of love come closer to meet the misunderstanding? Find out how the change of planetary positions will affect your horoscope in the new week (November 14-November 20)-



The fortunes of Aries will be favorable in the new week. Expected help from brothers. All old problems will get rid of and opponents will be defeated. The path of income will be more smooth. But there may be some hindrance in earning on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even several tasks that you are sure will get interrupted. At this time your enemies will rise up. But time will be on your side again from Thursday. All the decisions you make at this time will get good results. Everyone in the family will be on your side and help you in all tasks. On Friday and Saturday, the path to income will be smooth again and the possibility of increasing income will also be strong. This time there is Yatra Yoga.

what to do– Regularly light mustard oil lamp in front of the door of the house to cut obstacles and get benefited.



Child’s success in the new week will bring peace of mind. The way of income will also be smooth. Long stalled work will be speeded up. Sudden wealth gain is added. You will get help from relatives and new job offer will come. There is a possibility of getting involved in some big lucrative schemes. No problem from Monday to Friday at noon. But this may be followed by a lack of income and unnecessary overwork.

What to do- Worship Lord Ganesha and obstacles will be removed.



Time will pass well till Tuesday noon in the new week. The path of income will be smooth. Get help from others with any problem. Incline towards pious activities. There is a possibility of buying a new car. You will get a new job offer at the beginning of the week. Wednesday and Thursday will get full support from family. Earnings will be good even during the week. Your promotion is on the way in the new week. All problems will be solved easily. There will be no such problem on Friday and Saturday. Also, others will need your help this week. You will be better off in the end if you come forward to help.

what to do– You can perform Bajrang Boli puja for any problem this week. Prasad count laddu day will get benefits.



Cancer natives may lack money in the new week. Chances of unnecessary expenses will be high. There is a possibility of receiving some mind-blowing news on Tuesday. Your work may be interrupted. But the situation will change on Wednesday itself and the income is likely to increase. All work will be completed on time. As a result, the mind will be good on Friday and Saturday. This time is also associated with your getting wealth. The whole week will go well but family will boost your morale in any problem.

what to do– Pooja Ganesha with red flowers to overcome any obstacles.

the lion


Guests are likely to arrive at your home in the new week. There will be liquidity throughout the week, income will be good. There is a possibility of getting some good news about the property. However, the possibility of unnecessary expenditure is high on Tuesday and Wednesday. Be careful not to get overly emotional about something that is publicized. During this time several unnecessary problems may arise. But the situation will change on Thursday and Friday. Peace will return to the world. During this time you are likely to get some money or wealth suddenly. But a situation may arise where you will be the laughingstock of others.

what to do– You can offer moong dal to scribbling to keep the situation under control.



Happiness and peace will prevail in your family. Yatra is added on Monday. The income will be good on Tuesday. The work will be completed by Wednesday. In any big dispute – you have to win the dispute. Overall your income will be good this week. Thoughts will increase on Thursday and Friday and income problems may arise. This time will be sad. Temporarily mental depression may develop. Be concerned about your health. There is a possibility of getting involved in a big dispute. But the situation will become normal by Saturday.

What to do- Visit the temple of Sri Radha-Krishna



There will be work pressure at the beginning of the week itself. Meanwhile luck will not help you either. Every work will be delayed unnecessarily. It is not the end that you will face multiple hurdles to do any work. However, the situation will improve slightly from Tuesday. Work will be busy till Wednesday. Jupiter and
There is an increase in income on Friday. This time the overall situation will improve. There is also the addition of meeting friends. You will have a very good day on Saturday.

what to do– If Shiva is worshiped with raw milk, obstacles will be removed.



A new week may present several problems. You will be interrupted in urgent work. However, the situation will change from Tuesday afternoon. Time will be good. From Wednesday there will be success in every work and increase in income. Respect in the family will increase. Of course, the responsibility will increase with it. Thursday and Friday will be busy. The judgment in the pending case will be in your favor. There is a sum of money received on Saturday. At the end of the week you will get family support and there is a big success.

what to do– Chant the name of Bajrangbali on Tuesdays and Saturdays to remove any obstacles.



A good start to the week will be on your side until Tuesday afternoon. Income will be good and you will come in contact with established people. But problems can arise after that. Lack of income will come and opposition on Wednesday can create multiple problems for you. You may be humiliated in front of others. Financial problems may also arise during this time. Although it is temporary, the income-related problem will be resolved quickly but there will be several obstacles in work. Overall situation will change from Thursday night and time will be favorable for you from Friday. All obstacles will be overcome.

what to do– Offer bel leaves to Shivlinga and obstacles will be removed.


Don’t forget to take up any new work in the new week. If you get a new job offer, proceed only after judging well. Rushing into something will only hurt you. There will be unnecessary defilement with the people of Acepas. The mind will be disturbed for no reason. Earnings will be less, disputes will be more. But money will come on Wednesday and Thursday. During this time several stalled works will be speeded up. But both Friday and Saturday will be disappointing for you. Therefore, it is necessary to be most careful during these days so as not to take any decision that may cause trouble later or create new problems.



The beginning of the week will be good for Aquarius natives. The path of income will be smooth. But there will be unnecessary expenses during the week. Although the child’s success will create a happy atmosphere at home. Wednesday night to Thursday adds investment in new business. In this case, having your family by your side will boost your morale. Spend quality time with family this week. Have a good journey. If there is any obstacle in the work, it will pass quickly. Friday and Saturday time will again favor you.

what to do– Recite Durga Stotra to get benefits.



A number of problems may arise this week for Pisces natives. Obstacles will arise in all the tasks you were very optimistic about. As a result, resentment and depression can overwhelm you. But this situation will not last long. The situation will be favorable for you from Tuesday afternoon. Urgent work will speed up. The child’s success will bring happiness. Wednesday will be favorable for you. There is an increase in income. Get help from others if needed. If there is a problem you will get it solved easily. But you have to work with a cool head. Unnecessary thoughts will surround you on Thursday and Friday. However, the situation will change from Saturday afternoon. Weekends are associated with obtaining wealth. Also try to bring opposite situations together and your success will be elusive.

what to do– Offer water mixed with sesame seeds to Surya to overcome obstacles.


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