Weekly Horoscope: Do not do this work with Gemini, Leo, Virgo and Pisces zodiac signs, know weekly horoscope of all zodiac signs

Horoscope In Hindi: According to the almanac, the new week starts on 8 February. This day is the Dwadashi of Magh month. On this day Shatila is the day of Ekadashi. The movement and the state of the planets are going to have an effect on all zodiac signs. This week is special for all 12 zodiac signs. This week some zodiac signs need special attention. Know the weekly horoscope-

Weekly Horoscope

Aries – Be very active this week. Planetary conditions may be slightly harsh for livelihood by 14 February. The confinement of many planets is motivating you to do multi task. Do not use credit cards unnecessarily. These days, your rapport with the boss can get spoiled. Traders should take care that your sharp bidding should not harm the business itself. Students will do well in this week’s test, so those students who are planning to go abroad and study will get good news. Patients with back and back pain or sciatica may be troubled this week. The health of father and grandfather will also be closely monitored.

Taurus – This week requires more than some hard work to make all the tasks. The tasks you used to do easily can also face obstacles. The same and those who do the work related to sales, they should gear up, only then they will be able to meet the target. You have to be patient till 13 for business matters. It will be beneficial to handle the work related to finance. Where the students have to stand jointly, the young people should not work with the help of lies, otherwise they may have to be taken. Diabetes patients should be alert in health, take medication regularly. You will have to keep pace with your life partner, otherwise differences may increase.

Mithun- You should not be disturbed at all this week, so at the same time, keep in mind that the work has to be done slowly but steadily. On 10, 11 and 12 February, there may be challenges in the field of livelihood. Daily hard work is required to reach success. If you are planning new business, they should start on or after Basant Panchami. The students who have examinations should work hard otherwise there will be doubt in success. In view of health, you should consume coarse grains this week as the problem of constipation can be disturbing. There can be some good news in the family or family.

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Cancer- Your communication gap with others should not be there at all this week, if the planetary conditions will disturb the mutual coordination, then the pressure of the planets can weaken the relationship. In the middle of the week, work from home or from office, both the focus will have to be kept on work. At the end of the week, people engaged in research work will get relief. Support each other’s business by doing business in partnership, new partners can also be added. You may feel some weakness in the middle of the week. Eat a dietary diet in food and do not eat market items or packaged food, because the chances of dehydration are high. Everyone needs to give time for the family to have a good condition.

Singh – Brain work and support of your loved ones is going to be very useful this week, with this mindset, days have to be planned. In the middle of the week, do not let the quality of official work also decrease, because this time can be a growth factor for you. In an odd situation, the work done by you will definitely reach the goal. People of this amount who are working in police, medical department and other government related departments will be seen seeing the marks of progress till the end of the week. Finance traders will get benefit. There is a possibility of injury to the feet and waist, be aware. The week is going to be vigilant about mother’s health.

Virgo- Virgo people will have to keep away from the stresses this week, keep in mind that small happiness has to be a weapon to drive away the negative tendency. People associated with the job profession will feel mentally burdened. For those working in research or education, this time would be good for study. At the end of the week, the flow of ideas with laziness and luxury can be more. Be vigilant in business matters. Students should also rest along with studies. If your BP is low in health, then take care of your health. There is a possibility of dispute with sister. Health of the children may also decline.

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Libra – This week the negative effects of planets will try to reduce your happiness. The physical happiness may decrease, but do not let the lack of spiritual happiness ever happen. Some problems can also be seen in domestic matters. If you get promotion with transfer, do not let it go by hand, then you may have to travel from the office in the middle of the week. Those who trade electronic goods should avoid dumping more goods this week, otherwise they will have to face economic losses. If there is any problem related to the heart, then do not be negligent and avoid it. It will be good to interact with father and discuss important topics as well.

Scorpio- Do not do any work this week, which will harm your image socially. You have to keep pace with saving and happiness. Apart from this, it should also be kept in mind that if you have borrowed from an acquaintance, then return the loan to him this week. Treat your subordinates courteously in the office. Talking about business, telecommunication and iron traders will have to keep the network active mid-week. The youth should not share any social post which is not in the interest of law and country. Take care of your hands with health, beauty treatment can also be taken. Keep a close watch on younger brother’s company.

Sagittarius- Financial conditions should be strong this week, care should also be taken to avoid spending too much in the early days of the week. The position of the planets in space is somewhat difficult, so there may be a decline in family conditions. If you are on official leave, then you will have to keep moving forward while keeping in touch with the team online. The factory owners keep checking the work of the subordinates. In health, just one thing should be kept in mind that keep high amount of fiber in your diet, you can get upset about the pain of teeth. Family will get complete happiness, keep the atmosphere of the house very happy, cheerful and cheerful.

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Capricorn- Confidence level will have to be kept high this week, especially do not allow energy to work in the early days. The position of planets in space can weaken your immunity. The office rules will have to be strictly followed between the 10th and the 14th. Stay in touch with the seniors for their support. The merchants of hotels and restaurants will have to take special care of cleanliness, otherwise customers can leave angry. Students and youth should do favorite work. From health point of view, be a little aware about health, people who have problems like high BP, headache and migraine should be careful. Do not promote disputes with members.

Aquarius- This week, give importance to your hands, that is, family or office and keep good coordination with everyone. Use caution during trips. All the focus will have to be kept in official work, those who are employed in foreign companies after the 12th should not be negligent in their jobs. You may face some financial difficulties in the middle of the week, avoid unnecessary unnecessary purchases. Transport businessmen and property traders will have some concern to avoid big investments. One has to be aware about the vehicle accident in the middle of the week. If we can take charge of cleaning the house, it is very good as well as take care of the needs of the mother.

Pisces- Hard work is necessary this week, the ill effects of the planets are in the process of causing harm, so do not make any big investment in the present while assessing the future. If there is a sudden increase in the work load on the people working in the IT sector, then there will also be help from higher officials from the 10th onwards. This week will be busy for Home Appliance traders. Those who have problems related to lungs or asthma, be aware of the epidemic. You are advised to stay with love, avoiding mutual disputes with members. There is a possibility of loss in health and livelihood of elder brother. If any such situation arises, then possible help them.


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