India Vs Australia T20 Series Tim David Gives Credit To IPL For His Form Australian Cricket Team

We Will Travel The Roads That No One Travels, Like A Madman, Aussies Come Up With A Big Idea That No One Has Thought Of Yet: Cricket has been on a path of change for ages. Modern-day cricket moves forward by adding new rules, scrapping some, and tightening some. Important among them are the rules on minimum over rate.

Each team must bowl them over within the allotted time. Otherwise, the team captain and members will have to pay a fine.

In the exciting T20 format of Kutti Cricket, each team gets a maximum of 85 minutes to bowl their 20 overs. Things will not go well for the bowling team if they fail to complete the over within this time.

Many teams have now got this job. As they could not complete the 20 overs within 85 minutes, they had to face the consequences.

Team management has devised many strategies to overcome the low overrate. They tried to save time and beat the low over rate by shortening the break time of the players and shortening the celebration time after the fall of the wicket. But nothing was worth it.

However, Cricket Australia has found a new way to overcome this problem. The Aussies have done it from within the rules, a strategy that all teams are likely to emulate soon.

The Aussies have come up with a way to overcome the low over rate in such a way that it seems that this should be called literally out-of-the-box thinking.

Speaking to Cricket Australia, Aussie player Ashton Agar spoke about the team’s tactics. The Aussies are setting a new example by turning players on the bench into ball boys.

“Most of the time, especially in power plays, time is wasted going to the boundary and getting the ball back. This is why we have kept the substitute fielders near the boundary rope to prevent time wastage.

During the power play, the ball will fly to all four corners of the ground. Therefore, to save time, the players on the bench are deployed all over the ground behind the boundary rope. This will save us 10 to 15 seconds,’ says Ashton Agar.

The team is coming up with a strategy that makes it clear that there is no fluff in the quiver of Aussies who are about to retain the T20 World Cup. The Aussies begin their World Cup campaign by playing their first match against New Zealand on October 22.


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